Welcome to the first season of Mishaps, a brand new podcast from Jodie Prenger, Natalie Anderson & Neil Hurst. Join them as they discuss their favourite mishaps from the past and present and reminisce about a few of their own.


Episode 1: 90’s Who’s Rob?

Jodie, Natalie & Neil welcome you to the first Mishaps Podcast and discuss the biggest faux pas of the 90's. Featuring Milli Vanilli, The Crystal Maze and an intense discussion about 90’s confectionary. Tune in to be part of the conversation.


Episode 2: Squashed Tomatoes.

In this weeks episode Jodie, Natalie & Neil discuss their worst medical mishaps. Sharing their own experiences alongside stories from the media our Mishaps team cover everything from painful vasectomies to spider ridden boils, having a few laughs along the way. Tune in to be part of the conversation.


Halloween Special

In this Halloween Special episode, Jodie, Natalie & Neil discuss the scariest and silliest mishaps of Halloweens past & present. Featuring Halloween themed maternity photoshoots, nightmare inducing foods and a discussion on costumes made from bin bags, our Mishappers have plenty talk about this All Hallows’ Eve.

Episode 3: Duck Boobs

In this episode Jodie, Natalie & Neil discuss the weird and wonderful world of B Movies. From ‘The Garbage Pail Kids’ to the life changing effects of ‘Piranha’ our Mishaps crew share their feelings on this cult collection of films.

Episode 4: ‘For the Love of Patti’ Musical Theatre

In this weeks episode Jodie, Natalie & Neil revisit their musical theatre roots as they discuss the biggest fails from Theatreland. From the greatest musical flops to the ‘Greatest Showman’ our Mishaps crew find out.....'thats showbiz kid'